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Annegret Kuttner     piano
Latest CDs Ludwig van Beethoven - Most complete! Listen on Spotify Article in Fonoforum (12/2020) Buy at "Rondeau" Buy at Amazon: CD1  CD2  CD3
The recordings by cellist Peter Bruns and pianist Annegret Kuttner promise to be the most complete of all complete recordings of Ludwig van Beethovens works for cello and piano. In celebration of the 250th birthday of the musical revolutionary from Bonn, the two artists bring together arrangements by Beethoven himself and by composers from his context, expanding his known repertoire of five cello sonatas and three sets of variations with another three sonatas and making their recording MOST COMPLETE. These exceptional performances guarantee that this three-part collection offers an ear-opening musical experience. CD 1 12 Variations F Major on Mozart's "Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen" op. 66 Sonata g Minor op 5/2 Sonata "Kreutzer" op. 47 (arrangement Carl Czerny) CD 2 Sonata E flat Major op. 64 (after string trio op. 3) 12 Variations in G Major on Haendel's "Judas Maccabaeus" WOo45 Sonata A Major op. 69 CD 3 Horn Sonata F Major op. 17 (arrangement by Beethoven) Sonata F Major op. 5/1 Sonata C Major op. 102/1 Sonata D Major op. 102/2 Variations E flat Major on Mozart's „Bei Männern welche Liebe fühlen“ WoO 46 Peter Bruns / Violoncello Annegret Kuttner / Piano
CHARLES-MARIE WIDOR (1844-1937) Suite op. 21 (World premiere recording) Cello Sonata op. 80 LOUIS VIERNE (1870-1937) Cello Sonata op. 27 (dedicated to Pablo Casals) Peter Bruns / Violoncello Annegret Kuttner / Piano Hänssler Classic CD: CD 98.294
ROBERT SCHUMANN (1810-1856) Cello concerto op. 129 (live recording) "Abendlied" op. 85 No. 12 (World premiere recording) ROBERT VOLKMANN (1815-1883) Cello concerto A Minor op.33 "Andante mit Variationen" for 3 cellos (World premiere recording) 3 Pieces for Cello and Piano opp. 7, 10, 74 (World premiere recording) Peter Bruns / Violoncello Mendelssohn Kammerorchester Leipzig / Jürgen Bruns Annegret Kuttner / Piano Hänssler Classic CD: CD 98.594